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Instructions for Inspirations Judges

Please remember that the Inspirations Program is meant to spotlight exceptional creativity and originality of expression and not to promote competition.  We are looking for that unique entry that shows the emotion and the heart of the children who enter this program. Remember as you review the entries that you will see that we judge with an emphasis on the following areas:

1.      Creativity
2.      Interpretation of the theme
3.      Artistic Merit

Important Judging Criteria:  Remember to consider the age of the student and judge according to their age level.

Artist statements should be read and considered to understand artistic intent and how the piece ties in to the theme.

Do not judge whether you “think” the children actually did the work themselves.  If there were actual proof of copying something from a copyrighted item or other source then that would be grounds for disqualification.  If you have such proof, please share that with the schools Inspirations Committee.

Each category will have a first and second place winner in each age group.  These winners are then sent on to the regional level.  At the regional level, once again, each category will have a first and second place winner in each of the age groups.  These winners are sent to the state level where again, there will be a first and second place winner.  An "honorable mention" award may be  awarded at each level as well.

We have provided a judging rubric if the Inspirations Committee you are working with would like to use it.  The link for that is at the bottom of this page.

Thank you so much for sharing your time and your talent and knowledge with us for this incredible program!  We hope that you will enjoy your time with Inspirations and are sure that you will find inspiration in the students work.

Click here for the judging rubric

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