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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Visual Art Rules

A Visual Arts entry must by an original print, drawing, painting, collage, metal etching or punch work, fiber work etc. that relates to the theme

Whether an entry uses a variety of techniques or a simple approach, it will be judged primarily on how well the student uses his or her artistic vision to portray the theme.  Technique is less important than a well-developed concept.

Artwork return will be coordinated through your school.  If you have any questions please call your school.  We will be returning entries competing at the Regional and State level at the Region/State assemblies. 

*All art must be flat and not exceed more than a 1/4 inch thickness from the surface of the art work.  This includes all two-dimensional materials and images, including small, flat items, such as string, fabric, and screening, which have maximum surface contact with the face of the image.  Nothing three-dimensional may extend off the surface of a work, including noodles, beans, beads, and boxes.
*Art is not limited in size, but must be able to be moved for display purposes.   If the piece  is large and it advances to the region or state level then the artist’s family must accept responsibility for transporting the art work for judging and awards nights.

*Entries may be submitted on paper, canvas board, cardboard, hot or cold press board, or canvas (not to exceed 1/4 inch thickness).
*Mount all paper or canvas entries on sturdy cardboard mats, but NOT in wooden, metal, plastic, or glass frames.  NO FRAMES OF ANY KIND WILL BE ACCEPTED.  Canvas stretched over a wooden frame is not considered a frame and is acceptable.
*Shrink-wrapping is optional, but highly recommended.
*Lamination is discouraged because it can permanently damage the surface of the artwork.
*Place the Official Entry Form in a sheet protector and tape it to the back of the artwork, on top of the shrink-wrap, if used.
 *Students must adhere to the general rules, as well as the Visual Arts Rules.

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Karen said...

My daughter's project is less than 1/4" thick but it does have jewels extending off the surface of the work- does that mean it belongs in the 3-D Art category?

Chantelle said...

Because it is under 1/4 inch, it belongs here in the Visual Art category.

blackjewels7 said...

Would using magazine pictures in the collage be against the rules? would it just be pictures and the child's coloring allowed? No stickers or anything?

Chantelle said...

Blackjewels7 - I am so sorry that I haven't replied to your question yet! I have not been getting the notification that comments have been posted and will work on correcting that right away.

It's perfectly fine to use pictures & stickers and such to create a collage for this category. As long as the child is not claiming the actual pictures etc as their own creation... just the combination of them.