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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Photography Rules

A Photography entry must be an original black-and-white or color image produced by a photographic process.  The entry must relate to the theme.

The entry can incorporate such techniques as montage, multiple exposure, photographic collage, negative sandwiches, and photo grams.  Images may be manipulated conventionally by the student.  However, no digital manipulation is allowed.  Images should demonstrate the student’s proper use of photographic techniques such as depth of field and exposure.  They can be made using various lenses, filters, and light sources.  Photographs with added graphics over the image, including lettering, are not acceptable.

Whether an entry uses a variety of techniques or a simple approach, it will be judged primarily on how well the student uses his or her artistic vision to portray the theme.  Technique is less important than a well-developed concept.

Artwork return will be coordinated through your school.  If you have any questions please call your school.  We will be returning Regional and State artwork at the Region/State assemblies.

*Print the entries on paper or other two-dimensional material
*No digital manipulation of any sort is allowed, including Photoshop.
*Mount all prints on a cardboard mat, poster board, or some other sturdy material.
*Shrink-wrap or transparent plastic covering is optional but highly recommended.
*Framed entries, original film (negative or transparencies), and multi-dimensional pieces are not accepted.
*Place the Official Entry Form in a sheet protector and tape it to the back of the photograph, on top
of the shrink-wrap if used.
* There is no size limit but if the piece advances to the region or state level then the artist’s family must accept
responsibility for transporting the art work for judging and awards nights.
*Keep a copy of your work, DO NOT SEND US THE ONLY COPY.
*Students MUST adhere to the general rules, as well as the Photography Rules.

Click here for a printable version.


Anonymous said...

can you put the photo in a page protector with the entry from so nothing happens to it?

Chantelle said...

Absolutely! We recommend that you do!