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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Digital Arts

Students create an original work using digital means.  This includes digitally altered photos, 3-d images created through the use of a computer program such as photoshop, carerra, DAZ Studio, or other 3-d program.  It also includes any form of computer manipulated imagery.  Image collage is permitted.

Artwork return will be coordinated through your school.  If you have any questions please call your school.  We will be returning Regional and State artwork at the Region/State assemblies.

* There is no size limit but if the piece advances to the region or state level then the artist’s family must accept the responsibility for transporting the art work for judging and awards nights.
*Entries may be submitted on paper or on a CD.
*Mount all paper entries on sturdy cardboard mats, but NOT in wooden, metal, plastic, or glass frames.  NO FRAMES OF ANY KIND WILL BE ACCEPTED.
*Shrink-wrapping is optional, but highly recommended.
*Lamination is discouraged because it can permanently damage the surface of the artwork.
*Place the Official Entry Form in a sheet protector and tape it (with masking tape) to the back of the artwork on top of the shrink-wrap.
*Keep a copy of your work, DO NOT SEND US THE ONLY COPY.

*Students must adhere to the General Rules as well as the Digital Art Rules.

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Jessica said...

Could you please fix this to print how the other categories do please?

Chantelle said...

I'm not sure why you are having trouble printing this as I am able to as well as the few other people I had try it just now. You may have to save it first... if that doesn't work please send me an email and I will email it to you.