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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Musical Composition Rules

A Musical Composition entry may be for voice, instruments, or a combination of both.  Lyrics may or may not be included in vocal compositions.  The composition is not to exceed five minutes.

Use of notation software is permitted.  The entry must be played in real time and prepared by hand or on computer paper appropriate for instrumentation and voicing.  

Whether an entry uses a variety of techniques or a simple approach, it will be judged primarily on how well the student uses his or her artistic vision to portray the theme.  Technique is less important than a well-developed concept.

 *Adults may not assist.
*The entry must be longer than 1 minute and may not exceed 5 minutes. 
*Students are not required to perform their own compositions.  A student’s composed work may be performed by a group.
*Score size:
-Entries should be no larger than 11 inches by 14 inches
-Band and orchestra compositions may be 11 inches by 16 inches
                -*Do not mount or bind the scores
*Recording requirements
-All age divisions must submit a CD recording of the composition
-Submit CD's in a plastic or cardboard container, both identified with the student’s name, grade division, school, year and entry’s title.
-Pack the CD with the score (if included) in a large envelope.  Make sure the CD cannot fall out accidentally.
-Secure the Official Entry Form to the outside of the envelope.  (We recommend that the Entry Form be placed in a plastic page protector.)

Recommendations for quality recordings
1. Make the room you record in as quiet as possible.  Close windows and turn off all noise-making devices in the room such as air conditioners, fans, telephones, etc.  Do not place the recording device on top of an instrument or speakers.
2. Don’t record at too loud a level (in the red zone on the meter) or too soft (meter barely moving).
3. Record a short test and then listen to it while watching the meter.  If needed, improve recording quality by changing the record volume or microphone location.
4. Have 2 seconds silence at the beginning and ending of the recording. 
*Keep a copy of your work, DO NOT SEND US THE ONLY COPY.
*Students must adhere to the General Rules, as well as the Musical Composition Rules.

click here for a printable version


Mommy of Four said...

Does the sheet music have to be submitted and if so can an adult help the child in the process of writing it down properly?

Chantelle said...

Sheet music is not required, but may be helpful to the judges.

Yes, an adult may help them write it out. Please be careful to not make any changes as you do... no matter how small you think it may be :) The score should reflect the skill level of the child, just as the recording will.

Mommy of Four said...

Can an adult play the music for the recording?

Chantelle said...


As stated in the rules, "Students are not required to perform their own compositions. A student’s composed work may be performed by a group."

It may also be performed by a single player - of any age.

Katie said...

Can a student sing a song that's already been written or do they have to write and compose a song to sing to?

Chantelle said...

Katie - I am so sorry that I haven't replied to your question yet! I haven't been getting the notification that comments have been posted and will work on fixing that right away.

No - any Musical Composition entry must be an original work by the student. The competition is not about how well a child can sing... but about what they can create.