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Sunday, September 30, 2012

3D Art Rules

3-D art comprises any art form having length, breadth, and depth.  This includes visual arts that exceed the ¼ inch thickness rule.  Any of the following are acceptable:
* Any medium that will hold up to storage restrictions.
* Can be a combination of mediums.
* No loose pieces that can become separated.
* No kits allowed.
* Can be made from any material.  If chains or pin or earring mounts are used, they can be purchased.  All other aspects of the Jewelry need to be original from the perspective of the artist.
* No kits allowed.
* Can include mobiles, wind chimes, kites, collages, dioramas, or visual arts entries that do not meet the qualifications of thickness in the Visual Arts category.
* No kits allowed.
* Must be created completely by the students although they may receive help in firing if necessary.
* No kits allowed.
* No precast ceramics allowed.
* Must be created from scratch by the artist.

*Art is not limited in size, but must be able to be moved for display purposes i.e.) no installations. 
*Three dimensional entries must be accompanied with computer disc of photos of the project from all sides and angles to show perspective.  A ruler or yardstick should be included in the photos to show size and perspective.  The regional and state levels will be judged from the photos only.
* Computer disc should be labeled with the student’s name, grade division, school, year and the entry’s title .  .  The disc should be placed inside of a large envelope or page protector and the Official Entry Form must be secured to the outside of the envelope or page protector. 

*At the Region and State levels of Inspirations, artists may be invited to share their actual work of art at the Awards Assemblies.  If your entry moves on to these levels, please hold on to your art work until after the assembly.

School Level Judging:

*The actual artwork must be present.  3D art is not accepted until the school due date for the safety of the project.

*Students must adhere to the General Rules in addition to the 3-D Art Rules.

Click here for a printable version


Allison said...

Is Play-Doh an acceptable medium for a 2nd grader to make a sculpture?

Allison Day

Chantelle said...

Play-Doh would be so fun and is completely acceptable!

Karen said...

My son is doing origami that he learned from a book- is that considered plagerism?

Chantelle said...

Karen - It would not be considered plagiarism because the book he got it from probably has instructions on how to create the origami piece, as long as he gave credit to the creator. However, it would NOT be an acceptable entry for Inspirations and would be disqualified as that would be similar to using a kit or a precast. It's simply recreating someone else's work.

Amy said...

I dont have any way of burning a computer CD. Is a USB drive ok? I will attach a card with all the necessary details.

Chantelle said...

Amy - a USB drive should be just fine. Be sure to leave contact information in case your school judges have any trouble. (There's a spot for it on the entry form.)

Mommy of Four said...

Can my child sew something and enter it into this category?

Chantelle said...

Mommy of Four - I am so sorry that I haven't replied to your question yet! I haven't been getting the notification that comments have been posted and will work on fixing that right away.

Yes - absolutely your child can enter something they sewed. However, it would need to NOT be created by following a pattern. It would be similar to using a kit or a precast. It's simply recreating someone else's work.

Anonymous said...

Can I make jewelry with wire I get from the store?

Chantelle said...

Yes you can use wire and beads etc you get from the store. Just be sure to create your own ending design... and not just follow someone else's pattern.