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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Film / Video Rules

Students may submit original creations in film/video with or without sound.  The works can be fiction or nonfiction but must relate to the current Inspirations theme. The student must be the director, screenwriter and cameraman.  The STUDENT is filming the action – the student is NOT the action.  He or she may choose to use one or more different filming techniques, i.e.) tripod use, hand held, montage, cross cut, etc.  Someone else is not filming the student doing something, i.e. a piano recital.  If using a computer the student must do all of the work.  If he/she chooses to appear in the production, a camera on a tripod may be used.  All storyboarding, editing, etc. must be done by the student.

Animation may be drawn, images made from a collection of objects, clay, torn paper, etc., or computer generated.

A story told by film/video or computer generated.  This is not the same as a storyteller narrating an original story, but a story told through the images created.

Nonfiction narration using documentation, narration, facts, and images.

Exploration in movement, light, and montage.

Media Presentations Using Computers
These must be completely original and the student must do all the work.  No cut and paste accepted.  PowerPoint presentations are not considered art and will not be accepted.  Copyright laws must be followed.  Software should be used only to enhance the work of the student.  The intent is to use this as a way to present the student’s work.

Length of entry must be between 1 minute and 5 minutes.  Performance tapes that exceed five minutes or are shorter than one minute will not be judged. 

All age divisions must submit a DVD, computer disk or Flash Drive of their original performance.  If film equipment is used, the film must be transferred to DVD, computer disk or Flash Drive for presentation.

These cannot exceed five minutes.  All entries must be identified with the student’s name, grade division, address, and the entry’s title.  The entry should be packaged in a plastic or cardboard container (also identified with student’s name, grade, school, year and the entry’s title) and placed in a large, manila envelope.  The Official Entry Form must be secured to the outside of the envelope.  It is recommended that it be placed in a plastic page protector and securely taped on. 

*Students must adhere to the General Rules in addition to the Film/Video Rules.

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Angie said...

Under Media Presentations Using Computers: what does "no cut and paste accepted" mean? Can the student use the computer to edit, create effects, etc.? For example, the type of work seen at student film festivals and in the Reflections program?

Anonymous said...

I do not understand the music part. Is it saying that we cant use music from an artist? Does it have to be our own? See, you guys need to be more clear. My project depends on this answer

Anonymous said...

Can this be like a life sketch?

Chantelle said...

Anonymous - I am so sorry that I haven't replied to your question yet! I haven't been getting the notification that comments have been posted and will work on fixing that right away.

Yes! You can absolutely do a life sketch for an entry in this category. Good luck.