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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2010 - 2011 Program

Welcome to the 2010-2011 Inspirations Art Program. We are very excited by this years theme and know the students will create work that will astound us all. Here are a few notes to bear in mind as you conduct this program at your school.

The school level competition needs to be completed by Friday, 21 January 2011. The first and second place winners in each category and at each age level need to be sent to the school hosting your regional levels. The regional awards presentations will be held on Friday, 18 February 2011. The first and second place winners in each category and at each age level need to be sent to the school hosting the state levels. The state awards presentation will be held on Friday, 25 March 2011.

In order to make judging as impartial as possible please attach all entry forms to the bottom/back of the project. Names should not be visible until after the judging process is complete.

There is a $100.00 participation fee per school. This fee is used to purchase medals and trophies at the regional and state levels. The fee is due by 1 October. Please send your fee to C.S. Lewis Academy, 364 N SR 198, Santaquin, UT 84655. Be sure to note with the payment that this is for the Inspirations Art Program. Let me know if you need a payment extension.

Please familiarize yourselves with the rules so you can pass on correct information to your students. Please feel free to consult this blog with any questions or contact me directly at 801-494-3516 or

We are looking for schools who would like to host either the regional levels or the state level of the competition. Please let me know if you are interested in being a hosting school.

Once again, Inspirations in a great program. With a little time and effort you will see your students shine.

Thanks for all you do,

Reba Vest

Inspirations Art Program Director

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

2009-2010 State Winners

3-5th - 1st place - Cassandra I. - Entheos
6-8th - 1st place - Jessica I. - Entheos

3-D Art:
High Honors:
Kyler M. - Quest
Jayden R. - Monticello
Ryan R. - Walden
Noah P. - Excelsior
Honorable Mention: Kyle J. - Walden
2nd place - Jacob O. - CS Lewis
1st place - Ryder M. - Reagan

High Honors:
Grace G. - Entheos
Will F. - Timpanogas (sp?)
Emily K. - Spectrum
Alex A. - Spectrum
Honorable Mention:
Kai S. - Early Light
Chandler J. - Reagan
2nd place: Isaac D. - Walden
1st place: Darby H. - Walden

High Honors:
Casey D. - Walden
Aleeya T. - Monticello
Honorable Mention:
Karen H. - Walden
Alex L. - Reagan
2nd place: Alyssa D. - Entheos
1st place: Natalie T. - Reagan

Honorable Mention: Kahia B. - Monticello
2nd place: Natcha S. - DaVinci
1st place - Sofia A. - Walden

High Honors:
Dean S. - Monticello
Madeleine A. - Walden
Annabelle B. - Ranches
Emily F. - Spectrum
Mackenzie C. - Spectrum
Honorable Mention: Sophia C. - Walden
2nd place: Clara F. - Early Light
1st place: Bryant F. - Reagan

high honors:
Brandon Y. - Reagan
Megan W. - Reagan
Tyler C. - Mountainville
Hannah J. - Excelsior
Honorable Mention: Lincoln F. - Early Ligh
2nd place: Madison S. - Monticello
1st place: Madison H. - CS Lewis

High Honors:
Morgan C. - Quest
Riley P. - DaVinci
Mia C. - Reagan
Ethan R. - Ranches
Jace B. - Spectrum
Honorable Mention: Sidney P. - Walden
2nd place: Alyssa C. - Mountainville
1st place: Lindsey N. - Entheos

2nd place: Ingrid A. - Walden
1st place: Dallas H. - Walden

Visual Arts:
High Honors:
Braeton D. - Quest
Ruth G. - Walden
McKenzie D. - Timp
Sydney M. - Ranches
Honorable Mention:
Mackenzie C. - Spectrum
Levi T. - Walden
2nd place: Kela S. - Early Light
1st place: Clarissa C. - Moutainville

High Honors:
India Rose P. - Early Light
Micah S. - Walden
Liam V. - Walden
Michael J. - Timp
Erin G. - Mountainville
Honorable Mention:Madeline P.
2nd place: Nani C. - Reagan
1st place: Aniah Y. - Excelsior

High Honors:
Jessica I. - Entheos
Hannah B. - Excelsior
Nicole W. - Excelsior
Honorable Mention:
Laurel P. - Early Light
Jaidyn A. - DaVinci
Jessi D. - Walden
2nd place: Janiris S. - Freedom
1st place: Victoria V. - Timp

High Honors:
Dorie B. - Monticello
Karee G. - Monticello
2nd place: Raven G. - DaVinci
1st place: Braden B. - DaVinci

Musical Composition:
High Honors:
Luke O. - Early Light
Thomas S. - Monticello
Honorable Mention: Jayden R. - Monticello
2nd place: Kyler Z. - Freedom
1st place: Annabelle B. - Ranches

High Honors:
Rosie D. - Reagan
Clara S. - Moutainville
Honorable Mention:
Mikelle R. - Excelsior
Laurel S. - Monticello
2nd place: Keanna Z. - Freedom
1st place: Amy T. - Early Light

High Honors:
Samantha C. - Early Light
Gavin D. - Walden
JJ G. - Mountainville
Honorable Mention:
Jordyn W. - Entheos
Benjamin B. - Mountainville
2nd place: Hunter G. - Reagan
1st place: Soren P. - Freedom

High Honors:
Maddie D. - Monticello
Ryan R. - Walden
Fynn D. - Walden
Devyn O. - CS Lewis
Deania W. - Spectrum
Honorable Mention: Devyn G. - Mountainville
2nd place: Annabelle B. - Ranches
1st place: Katherine L. - Entheos

High Honors:
Taryn G. - Early Light
Spencer P. - Monticello
Maddie F. - Mountainville
Honorable Mention:
McKinley J. - Walden
Simon L.- Reagan
Katelyn S. - Excelsior
2nd place: Bowie H. - Walden
1st place - Bethany Y. - Freedom

High Honors:
Jessica I. - Entheos
Kainen T. - Walden
Miranda W. - Excelsior
Devan B. - Mountainville
Honorable Mention: Melissa I. - Entheos
2nd place: Cheyann B.l - Reagan
1st place: Ward Y. - Freedom

Honorabl Mention:
Joel B. - Monticello
Amber C. - Monticello
2nd place: Analiese N. - DaVinci
1st place - Sofia A. - Walden

High Honors:
Kyra P. - CS Lewis
Amaura R. - Timp
Honorable Mention - Lydia T. - Spectrum
2nd place: Eliana G. - Entheos
1st place: Deania W. - Spectrum

High Honors:
Megan M. - Entheos
Alyssa A. - Mountainville
Honorable Mention:
Cassandra I. - Entheos
Dane W. - CS Lewis
2nd place: Elsie H. - Walden
1st place: Allessandra B. - Ranches

2nd place: Jayden Z. - Excelsior
1st place: Brenda W. - Excelsior

1st place: Olivia D. - Walden

High Honors:
Landon L. - Spectrum
Danny J. - Reagan
1st place: William C. - Mountainville

High Honors:
Hannah B. - Excelsior
Honorable Mention: Devan B. - Mountainville
2nd place: Seth M. - Reagan
1st place: Adrain H. - Walden

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2010 - 2011 Theme

Congratulations to all of our entries for the program this year! We have been awed and amazed by what our students have created.

Coming soon to Inspirations blog will be a slide show of State level entries as well as a link to helpful tips on running the program for your school.

The theme for this next year is:

"IF ONLY..."

Start thinking :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

2009-2010 State Awards

Congratulations to all the schools and students who participated in Inspirations this year. Your entries have amazed us!

The State Awards Assembly will be held at CS Lewis Academy on Friday, March 26th at 7pm.

150 North State Road 198
Santaquin, UT 84655
(801) 754-3376

State level entries will be displayed for all to enjoy.