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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Theatre Rules

Students submit original theatre work.  The scripts must be the work of one playwright.  The playwright may or may not be one of the performers.  It may not exceed five minutes.  Costumes, make-up and stage sets are not necessary.  However, if costumes and stage sets are used, they must be conceptually created by the individual student playwright creating the theatre work.  (Parents may supervise, but NOT create).   Submit DVD, computer disc or Flash Drive of production along with script.  Script must be typed or legibly handwritten.

Categories for theatre include:
-Individual Storytelling:
An original story performed orally by the creator/storyteller.
                A performance of a play without words, using illusions and gestures, of a character that expresses ideas and feelings through movement including
                                -who they are, where they are and what they are doing.
                A dramatic soliloquy performed by one individual.  The script must be original and performed by the creator of            the script.

-One Act:
                A play that consists of only one act, with no long separation between scenes.  It must be written by one student and not exceed 5 minutes.  The play may have up to three actors.  If costumes, stage sets and make-up are used, they must also be created by the individual student playwright creating the theatre work.

Length of entry must be between 1 minute and 5 minutes.  Performance tapes that exceed five minutes or are shorter than one minute will not be judged.

Students are required to submit a video of their work.  The creator may or may not perform in the play, but must write, direct, block, costume, and dress the set themselves.  Students are not required to perform live.

All age divisions must submit a DVD, computer disc or Flash Drive of their original performance along with the script.

These cannot exceed five minutes.  All entries must be identified with the student’s name, grade division, address, and the entry’s title.  The entry should be packaged in a plastic or cardboard container (also identified with student’s name, grade division, school, year and the entry’s title) with the script and placed in a large manila envelope.  The Official Entry Form must be secured to the outside of the envelope.  (We recommend that the Entry Form be placed in a plastic sheet protector.) 

*Students must adhere to the General Rules in addition to the Theatre Rules. 

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