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Sunday, March 30, 2014

2013-2014 Founder Choice Awards

These are state level entries chosen by us - just because we love them.  We are not professionals, but are an amateur photographer, artist and musician.  

Digital Art: Taylor W (North Star) "I Want to go There"

Visual Art: Madison B (Early Light) "Dive In."

3D Art Julia D (Entheos) "The Surprise Dog"

Photography: Brooklyn P (North Star) "On The Road to a Hike in Heaven"

3D Isabel A (Hawthorne) "She Smiles"

3D Maya B (Mountainville) "Adoption... A Circle of Love" 

Music: Isaac C (Highmark) "Ocean Waves"

Digital Art: Juliette P (Channing Hall) "Pointe Perfection"

If any of these entries are your child's and you would like to share a picture of the entry, please sent it to us at: or post it to our facebook page!   For ANY entry you'd like to share!

Friday, March 28, 2014

2013-2014 State Winners

A huge THANK YOU to North Star Academy for hosting this years State Awards Night!!  They did a fabulous job.  And an even bigger THANK YOU to all the students who participated with this years program!  You inspired us!!

Next years theme is: What A Wonderful World

Here is a list of those who placed at state.
*note, there are a few who's school I do not have right now... I will get those and update as soon as I can

Literature Category
Grade Division K-2
1st place- Kate J (John Hancock)
2nd place-Nathan E (Reagan)
Grade Division3-5
1st place-Darcy B (Early Light)
2nd place-Hailey H (John Hancock)
Grade division 6-8
1st place-Hannah B (Mountainville)
2nd place-Nathan T (Wasatch)
Grade Division 9-12
1st place-Blythe G (Merit College Prep)
2nd place-Allison L (Mountainville)

3D Art Category
Grade K-2
1st place-Natalie S (Wasatch Peak)
2nd place-Lucas V (Canyon Grove)
Grade 3-5
1st place-Colton D (Reagan)
2nd place-Angella  V (Navigator Pointe)
Grade 6-8
1st- Gwendolyn F (Excelsior)
2nd- Cadence P (Reagan)
Grade 9-12
1st place-Marguerite M (American Leadership)
2nd place-Isaac P (American Leadership)

Visual Arts
Grade K-2
1st-Gracie V (Excelsior)
2nd- Jacob V (Mountainville)
Grade 3-5
1st- Brenlie S (Vista)         
2nd- Ashton P (American Leadership)
Grade 6-8
1st-Sadie Boyce (Mountainville)
2nd –Hanna B (Excelsior)
Grade 9-12
1st-Isaac B (American Leadership)
2nd- Rachel K (Mountain Heights)

Grade K-2
1st- Melissa M (Mountainville)  
2nd-Skyler R  (Endeavor Hall)
Grade 3-5
1st -Lox N (Reagan)  
2nd- Ben L (Mountainville)
Grade 6-8
1st- Robert G (Renaissance )  
2nd- Mark W (Hawthorne)
Grade 9-12
1st- Allison L (Mountainville)

Musical Composition
Grade K-2
1st- Anna J ( North Star)
2nd - Moriah A (Lincoln)
Grade 3-5
1st- Meah P (Hawthorn
2nd - Aidan R (Wasatch Peak)    
Grade 6-8
1st- Cosmo P (CS Lewis)   
2nd - Rose D ( Reagan)   
Grade 9-12
1st - Madison M (Navigator Pointe)

Grade K-2
1st- Brooklyn B (Wasatch Peak)    
2nd- Thomas G (Vista)
Grade 3-5
1st- Melia A (Lincoln)  
2nd- Kaylee D  (Early Light)
Grade 6-8
1st- Katelyn L  (Vista )
2nd- Boston C (Hawthorne)

 Grade K-2
1st- Zahra J (Renaissance )
2nd- Briggs N (Mountainville)     
Grade 3-5
1st- Kara H (Wasatch Peak)
2nd - Sam J (Early Light)  
Grade 6-8
1st - Erika W (Vista)
2nd- Shaylie A ( Lakeview)          
Grade 9-12
1st - Annalisa P (Merit College Prep)
2nd- Sophia F (Merit College Prep)

Digital Art
 Grade K-2
1st - Fletcher C (North Star)
2nd-  Briggs N ( Mountainville)
Grade 3-5
1st -Audrey D (Reagan)
2nd- Cambria Y ( North Star)
Grade 6-8
1st-Benjamin W (North Star)
2nd- Helen H ( Entheos)        
Grade 9-12
1st - Taylor W ( North Star)
2nd- Jaren H (Merit College Prep)    

 Grade K-2
1st- Mary M (Reagan )
Grade 3-5
1st- Brooklyn M (North Star)
2nd -Courtney C (Mountainville)  
Grade 6-8

1st Sierra D ( Reagan)

Monday, March 24, 2014

North Star is hosting the awards night this year, on Mar, 28 @ 6:00pm.

They are located at 2920 West 1410 South Bluffdale.
Come and enjoy a sampling of the amazing talents these Utah charter students have! There will be light refreshments, and lots of excitement!

You may take your child’s entry home after the ceremony.

We are in need of volunteers for set up and take down, there is expected to be a room full! If you would be willing to come a bit early or stay a bit late, please e-mail