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- Reba, Chantelle & Liz

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Welcome to the 2012 - 2013 Program

Welcome to the 2012-2013 Inspirations Art Program. We are very excited by this years theme and know the students will create work that will astound us all. Here are a few notes to bear in mind as you conduct this program at your school.

The school level competition needs to be completed by 25 January 2013.The first and second place winners in each category and at each age level need to be sent to the school hosting your regional levels. The regional awards presentations will be held on 22 February 2013. The first and second place winners in each category and at each age level need to be sent to the school hosting the state levels. The state awards presentation will be held on 22 March 2013.

In order to make judging as impartial as possible please attach all entry forms to the bottom/back of the project. Names should not be visible until after the judging process is complete.  If the artist wrote their name on the front of the work please cover the name using a non-permanent method.

There is a $100.00 participation fee per school. This fee is used to purchase medals and trophies at the regional and state levels. The fee is due by 30 November 2012. Please send your fee to C.S. Lewis Academy, 364 N SR 198, Santaquin, UT 84655. Be sure to note with the payment that this is for the Inspirations Art Program. Let us know if you need a payment extension.

Please familiarize yourselves with the rules so you can pass on correct information to your students.  If you have any questions, please first consult the Frequently Asked Questions section of the blog.  If you still have questions you can either contact your school's Inspirations representative or leave a comment by clicking on the word "comment" under the post and leave your question there.  Please include contact information and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

We are looking for schools who would like to host either the regional levels or the state level of the competition. Please let us know if you are interested in being a hosting school.

Inspirations is a great program. With a little time and effort you will see your students shine and we promise you will learn from them and be amazed.

Thanks for all you do,
Reba Vest, Chantelle Ray & Liz Hine
Inspirations Art Program Director & Board


Aaron and Stephanie Cousins said...

Are we always going to copy reflections themes? My kids already did "Beauty is" at their old school . . . I know it is not a big deal, it just feels kind of weird.

Chantelle said...

I'm sorry - We haven't paid attention to the Reflections themes, or even their program since we started 5 years ago. And this is the first time we heard it was done by them. Did we "copy" them on the other 4 years? If you have any suggestions for future themes, please leave them in a comment or send us an email.

Esther said...

Is there any way that the Inspirations contest deadline for 2013-2014 can be changed to February or something further away from Science Fair deadlines? It is just too busy to be doing all this in January.

Chantelle said...

We can definitely look at it. However, you do not need to run your school level program in January. It just needs to be completed by the set date. Lots of schools are doing their programs in the fall, even in September.