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Monday, February 22, 2010

2009-2010 State Awards

Congratulations to all the schools and students who participated in Inspirations this year. Your entries have amazed us!

The State Awards Assembly will be held at CS Lewis Academy on Friday, March 26th at 7pm.

150 North State Road 198
Santaquin, UT 84655
(801) 754-3376

State level entries will be displayed for all to enjoy.


mary said...

Where can I get a list of our schools winners?
Mary Cannon
Early Light Academy

Chantelle said...

I'm sorry... that information is not public knowledge until the Awards Assembly. We hope you'll make it to find out!

Mary said...

How long is the Awards Assembly expected to be?

Chantelle said...

Sorry I didn't see this question earlier! It should be around an hour. It really depends most on how many entries will be performed, but that's my guess.

Old said...

My son Dallas Hanson won regionals for 9th - 12th grade literary composition. We just found on this site that there was an awards assembly with medals awarded. He never received his. Also, just saw that there was a state awards program last night, wish we'd known about it. He won state and this says a trophy. He is anxious to receive these awards. What does he have to do to get them?

Thank you for putting together such a great program for these kids.

Elise Hanson

Chantelle said...

Elise Hanson,

What school does your son go to? I'm sorry that you didn't know about the awards assemblies! Each school had a representative who should have passed that information along... I'm sure you weren't left out of the loop on purpose. If you send me an email with your contact info on it, I can find out what's happened with any awards he should have received. chantellebr at hotmail dot com.

All the winners from the Region level went on to State. After judging, only the top 2 entries in each category and grade level receive trophies. All the other entries are getting a "High Honors" certificate for making it all the way to State. Those trophies and certificates belonging to students who did not attend the assembly will be sent to the students school to be passed out. So it's either already at your school... or on it's way there.

Hopefully communication will be better at your school next year :)

Again, please contact me as soon as you can so I can figure things out for you.