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Sunday, March 30, 2014

2013-2014 Founder Choice Awards

These are state level entries chosen by us - just because we love them.  We are not professionals, but are an amateur photographer, artist and musician.  

Digital Art: Taylor W (North Star) "I Want to go There"

Visual Art: Madison B (Early Light) "Dive In."

3D Art Julia D (Entheos) "The Surprise Dog"

Photography: Brooklyn P (North Star) "On The Road to a Hike in Heaven"

3D Isabel A (Hawthorne) "She Smiles"

3D Maya B (Mountainville) "Adoption... A Circle of Love" 

Music: Isaac C (Highmark) "Ocean Waves"

Digital Art: Juliette P (Channing Hall) "Pointe Perfection"

If any of these entries are your child's and you would like to share a picture of the entry, please sent it to us at: or post it to our facebook page!   For ANY entry you'd like to share!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this list. A full list of winners would be great too. We can put them in our school newsletter etc. Thanks for all of the time and effort to make Inspirations great!

Chantelle said...

A full list of winners is on the post just before this one.

Jacob Martin said...

Thats a nice blog keep blogging thank you so much for sharing...

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