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Monday, February 25, 2013

Region 1 2012-2013 Winners

We first want to congratulate ALL students who participated with us this year so far.  Our students are talented!  Here is the list of region level winners for Region 1.  Entries that got a 1st or 2nd place in their category will continue on to the state level.

Region 1 winners

Film / Video
Grades K-2
Paris H              Entheos            1st
Grades 6-8
Samantha M         Monticello        1st

Dance / Choreography
Grades K-2
Jordan O       Entheos            1st
Grades 3-5
Chloe H         Spectrum          1st

3D Art
Grades K-2
Isaac J           Endeavor          1st
Aaron J          Endeavor          2nd
Grades 3-5
Kayla F            Endeavor          1st
Trueman O     Entheos            2nd
Gwendolyn F     Excelsior          Honorable Mention
Grades 6-8
Keenan L      Monticello        1st
Gehrig H        Endeavor          2nd
Jack P            Highmark         Honorable Mention
Grades 9-12
Sean Jordan                 Spectrum          1st

Musical Composition
Grades K-2
Eli C         Highmark         1st
Moira M    Monticello        2nd
Kali S         Entheos            Honorable Mention
Grades 3-5
Isaac C       Highmark         1st
Elizah L       Spectrum          2nd
Grades 9-12
Garin S        Monticello        1st
Digital Art
Grades K-2
Kate J         Spectrum          1st
Aaron J       Endeavor          2nd
Grades 3-5
Maya J        Endeavor          1st
Caleb S         Endeavor          2nd
Grades 6-8
Spencer P        Endeavor          1st
Kenya J        Highmark         2nd       
Grades 9-12
Patrick H        Entheos            1st

Visual Art
Grades K-2
Baylen J    Highmark         1st
Emerson K            Entheos            2nd
Isaiah H                Endeavor          Honorable Mention
Grades 3-5
Bradland J         Highmark         1st
Marissa D       Excelsior          2nd
Bryce A           Entheos            Honorable Mention
Grades 6-8
Malina D             Spectrum          1st
Paige B              Excelsior          2nd
Cole T             Endeavor          Honorable Mention
Grades 9-12
Gage Rountree Spectrum          1st
Ian Myrin                     Spectrum          2nd       

Grades K-2
Alexandar S         Endeavor          1st
Eli C                Highmark         2nd
Hunter J          Monticello        Honorable Mention
Grades 3-5
Katie L                 Entheos            1st
Jared H       Endeavor          2nd
Ella L           Excelsior          Honorable Mention
Joanie W        Monticello        Honorable Mention
Grades 6-8
Hannah J      Excelsior          1st
Kari J              Entheos            2nd
Grades 9-12
Ian M              Spectrum          1st

Literary Composition
Grades K-2
Citlalli R       Endeavor          1st
Sadie W         Excelsior          2nd
Grades 3-5
Truman B      Endeavor l       1st
Noah P         Excelsior         2nd
Grades 6-8
Grace A             Hawthorn        1st
Liberty P          Entheos           2nd
Grades 9-12
Jessica I          Entheos           1st
Justin W          Spectrum         2nd  

Grades 3-5
Maya J            Endeavor          1st

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