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Monday, February 25, 2013

Region 2 2012-2013 Winners

We first want to congratulate ALL students who participated with us this year so far.  Our students are talented!  Here is the list of region level winners for Region 2.  Entries that got a 1st or 2nd place in their category will continue on to the state level.

Film / Video
Grades K-2
Christian W         Summit 1st
Grades 3-5
Josh W            Summit 1st
Grades 9-12
Beth P        Beehive            1st       
Dance / Choreography
Grades K-2
Anna R         Hawthorn         1st
Kalli C          Hawthorn         2nd
Grades 6-8
Boston C        Hawthorn         1st
Brooklynn B      Hawthorn         2nd

3D Art
Grades K-2
Eva S             Summit 1st
Monet W          Hawthorn         2nd
Taylor Q             Hawthorn         Honorable Mention
Grades 3-5
Alyssa K             Navigator         1st
Baylie K             Navigator         2nd
Kela S             Early Light        Honorable Mention
Grades 6-8
Maddie C       Summit 1st
Tivya P            Hawthorn         2nd
Grades 9-12
Beth P       Beehive            1st       
Staunzie B       Beehive            2nd

Musical Composition
Grades K-2
Christian W           Summit 1st
KC P                 Ut Virtual         2nd
Meah P               Hawthorn         Honorable Mention
Grades 3-5
Audrey S            Summit 1st
Creed G            Summit 2nd
Grades 6-8
Jeremy L          Early Light        1st
Madison M       Navigator         2nd       
Allan A         Navigator         Honorable Mention

Digital Art
Grades K-2
Christian W       Summit 1st
Grades 3-5
Joshua W           Summit 1st
Blake A              Hawthorn         2nd
Eliza B               Early Light        Honorable Mention
Grades 6-8
Eric A            Summit 1st
Brooklyn A      Hawthorn         2nd
Grades 9-12
Beth P         Beehive            1st
Claire M       Hawthorn         2nd
Visual Art
Grades K-2
Preston H           Early Light        1st
Oakley A          Hawthorn         2nd
Claire I              Early Light        Honorable Mention
Grades 3-5
Makenna A         Hawthorn         1st
Dakota A            Hawthorn         2nd
Alyson  C        Ut Virtual         Honorable Mention      
Grades 6-8
Brooklyn A          Hawthorn         1st
Seth A              Hawthorn         2nd
Parker S         Summit Honorable Mention
Grades 9-12
Claire M             Hawthorn         1st
Monica L           Early Light        2nd
Cydney J          Ut Virtual         Honorable Mention      

Grades K-2
Gwenevere A      Summit 1st
Logan K             Hawthorn         2nd
Oakley A             Hawthorn         Honorable Mention
Grades 3-5
Joshua W             Summit 1st
Dakota A            Hawthorn         2nd
Mary R          Early Light        Honorable Mention
Cassie T           Early Light        Honorable Mention
Grades 6-8
Sage G            Early Light        1st
Rachel R       Hawthorn         2nd
Lucas D           Beehive            Honorable Mention      
Brooke T           Beehive            Honorable Mention
Grades 9-12
Brenden P       Early Light        1st
Dylan Y               Beehive            2nd
Taylor H            Hawthorn         Honorable Mention      

Literary Composition
Grades K-2
Isabelle M         Summit 1st
Brinkelle R          Summit 2nd
Grades 3-5
Alayna S           Navigator Pointe           1st
Kela S          Early Light                    2nd
               Grades 6-8
                         Emma S           Navigator Pointe     1st 
                          Nikole T        Summit                   2nd 
                        Beth Ph    Beehive                        1st

(Please note, in the Literary Composition category entries from Hawthorn Academy were accidentally included with
Region 1 entries.  When this was discovered, it was too late to redo everything.  So if you are here to see winners from Hawthorn, please check Region 1 for Lit Comp results.  We do sincerely apologize!!)

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